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tv   CBS 2 News at 11  CBS  January 27, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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donald trump takes on bill o'reilly and defends his debate boycott. thanks man. imagine if the things you bought every day... ...earned you miles to get to the places you really want to go. with the united mileageplus explorer card, you'll get a free checked bag. two united club passes. priority boarding. and 30,000 bonus miles.
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the united mileageplus explorer card. imagine where it will take you. a little boy will spend tonight in a hospital bed after a rare and vicious attack by a raccoon. tonight, cbs 2 talks to his mother, as she thanks the good samaritan who took matters into frightening encounter. live from hackensack emergency medical center, where the child >> reporter: christine, here we are outside the hospital, and his mother.
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they did take a little time up there to video chat with us about how he's doing after this shocking attack. >> reporter: she wants people to see the bravery of her little boy, arian. just a few hours after a surgery that put 9 stitches in his face. this injury, after the raccoon seen in this photo crossed a street in elmwood park and jumped on the 6-year-old's back. monkey. >> reporter: it happened as they were walking to his school. she watched horrified. the animal was clawing and biting the one place where her son had exposed skin. >> he was covered with the open. >> i see that he's clawed into the kid's face. >> reporter: neighbor danny walls was inside his vehicle and saw the attack.
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painting, and rescued the boy by hitting the raccoon like this. >> i killed the raccoon, the kid jumped up, he was screaming, he was crying. there was blood all over the place. >> reporter: wildlife experts want people to be on the lookout for these raccoon rabies signs. the lifeless raccoon is now in a lab to be tested for rabies with results due back on friday. this mom knows without wall's help, her boy's injuries could be worse. >> i'm very, very thankful to him. >> reporter: he is understandably tired after his ordeal and surgery. when he feels up to speaking, he will have a shocker of a tale to tell his classmates about why he didn't make it to school. but first, he has to get out of this hospital and his mother says that is expected to happen tomorrow morning. live in hackensack, dave carlin, cbs 2 news. >> dave, we wish him well,
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developing in the bronx now. police need your help finding a missing woman. 35-year-old nicole white was last seen just after 4:00 this afternoon, walking on archer street in the park chester section. police say white is severely autistic, and they are worried about her well-being. five days now before the iowa caucuses. it is a battle for the first votes of campaign 2016, and donald trump isn't backing down from his decision about tomorrow's iowa debate. cbs 2's tony aiello is here with the latest on this. >> the man who wrote the art of the deal is dealing himself out of tomorrow's gop debate, insisting fox news channel has mistreated him. tonight, he made his case on fox news channel. >> we're going to go on forever with these debates. at some point you have to do things other than debating. >> reporter: he's appeared on fox 132 times, far more than
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but he's skipping the debate, because of an ongoing beef with megyn kelly. wednesday, trump was asked if touching the other cheek wouldn't be a better response? >> it probably is, but it's called an eye for an eye also, i guess you can look at it that way. >> reporter: it wasn't always that way. trump and kelly were cozy last election cycle. >> do you really think that you're a better moderator than i am? >> no, i could never beat you, that wouldn't be even close. >> reporter: political consultant, jerry o'brien thinks it opens the candidate to easy criticism. >> if he can't handle a hostile debate, how is he going to handle china, or russia? >> apparently megyn kelly is really, really scary. >> reporter: gop rival ted cruz wasted no time using the flap to belittle the manhattan billionaire.
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>> reporter: but trump tried to spin this as a sign of his toughness. >> i'm not going to let our country be taken advantage of. >> reporter: trump says he is not walking away from the debate, he was pushed. he's holding a rival fundraiser in iowa. >> tony, thank you. a rash of high profile attacks has commuters on edge tonight. cbs 2's valerie castro reports on the increase in city slashings, and what police say about it. >> this is the latest suspect in a subway slashing. this time in brooklyn. he's accused of injurying a woman with a cloth covered machete on the 3 train tuesday night, leaving a 2-inch gash in her hand. in just the last month, several people have become the victims of these types of attacks, but police commissioner bratton says it's not the work of copycats. >> in many instances, there is
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as you report, and as we know, emotional disturbed, they're off their meds. >> the nypd says there have been 286 slashings or stabbings since january 1. that's up compared to 249 instances this time last year. robert mccry says the increase doesn't mean it's trending. >> some of the individuals that commit these crimes are repeat offenders. and they're the ones that need to be taken off the street. >> reporter: whatever the case, most victims say each time the attack was a complete surprise. >> he just pretending that he fell, he fell on top of me, and that's when he slashed my face. >> i had my ear buds on, i wasn't listening. >> reporter: david balm says be aware of your surroundings. >> you want to know what this person looks like. >> reporter: in the most recent case from last night, the vick till told police, the suspect bumped into her sister.
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the attack happened. police are still looking for that suspect. i'm valerie castro, cbs 2 news. and the nypd is searching 29-year-old tyquan long. police say the 36-year-old victim died at the scene. a 51-year-old victim was shot in the hand. more after effects of last year's winter storm, manholes are exploding all over the city. this blast happened midday on lower broadway near chambers. thankfully no one was hurt. con ed says there have been more than 400 manhole incidents since the storm. it's the result of road salt seeping onto undergrounds cables. >> the salt will actually act as a corrosion agent. it's highly conductive, and you mix that with water and you can start to get fires.
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that's what you have going on right now. >> he says the city is using more venten manhole covers, which allows gases to escape, reducing the chance of an explosion. garbage service in the city resumes tomorrow, following this weekend's snowstorm. residents should place their trash out at the curb tonight, according to their normal schedule, and also make sure that it is easily accessible, and cleared of snow. some severe weather in south florida leads widespread tornado damage. the twister lifted vehicles on the turnpike in ft. lauderdale. in other areas, cars were just tossed around. it also knocked down trees and power lines. lonnie quinn is in the weather center. >> i was reading that story about the reported tornado. picked the car out of one side of the highway. here's what we're looking at now. south florida is often referred to as the sixth borough of new
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i'm show you where the reported tornado took place. it was ride around ft. lauderdale. wider picture is going to show you what you're dealing with right now is the dry season in south florida. this is supposed to be picture perfect out there, but they're getting a very active season, because as an affective el nino, you've got all of this warm water out there, which is fuel for storms. the faster air rises, the more volatility you get. sea surface temperature off of boca raton right now, 75 degrees. it's like bathtub water down there right now. a lot of activity taking place, and it's active even at this hour. this is supposed to be the nice calm time. during the summer, it gets real active down there. anything but, yesterday, and today as well. a crash landing on long island. >> how did you manage to land in like the most perfect place? >> a helicopter tumbles through
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lesson goes terribly wrong. the only thing damaged, a street sign. $13million worth of heroin hiding in a pickup truck. so what tipped off police? >> it was like a miracle, it really was. >> and a perfect match at the worst possible time. the hero who wouldn't let two
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a scare in the sky today on long island after a helicopter crashed in a residential neighborhood. but the flight instructor saved the day, and saved lives. cbs 2's tracee carrasco reports on the long island crash landing. >> how did you manage to land in the most perfect place? how did you not hit those wires? >> because i saw them. >> reporter: confident words from joseph lombardo as cell phone video shows the inside of
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after crash landing in the middle of a lindenhurst neighborhood around noon. >> i look to my left and i see the helicopter right next to me. i saw it go under the trees, and the power lines and just tip over. >> reporter: exclusive surveillance video shows when the helicopter of the experienced 26-year-old pilot, and his student falls out of the sky. >> all of a sudden the puttering got worse, and i watched the propellers actually stop. i saw the man's face in fear. and i started going like, just land, just land. >> reporter: air traffic controllers know the chopper was in trouble from this mayday transmission. >> mayday, mayday, mayday. engine failure. >> helicopter 4 are you able to make it to the field? >> negative, negative. >> reporter: lombardo managed to land the chopper in the intersection of buena vista neighborhood, and east alhambra avenue.
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wires or passing cars below. miraculously, he and the student walked away uninjured. remarkably, only this street accident. right now, the faa and ntsb are investigating exactly what happened here. reporting from lindenhurst on long island, tracee carrasco, cbs 2 news. two men caught carrying 48- kilograms of heroin worth up to $13 million according to police. dea agents spotted the men, one driving a pickup truck, the other driving a monster truck, circling a block in elmhurst last night. agents say they found drugs hidden inside car parts loaded on the truck. the men now face drug possession and conspiracy charges. a suffolk county woman in need of a kidney transplant will remember the blizzard as the day she got a second chance at life. she had been waiting a year and a half for a new kidney.
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call from a nurse saying they had a perfect match, but emergency crews doubted an ambulance could get her to stoney brook hospital. so a determined paramedic stepped in, and picked her up. >> it was like a miracle. it really was. when she calls and said we have a kidney for you, i almost fell off the bed. >> she hopes more people will sign the back of their license to become organ donors. new tonight, the extreme weather over the last few days has certainly taken a toll on us, but what if exposure to cold could help you lose weight, even turn back the clock. how to breeze yourself fabulous. >> i don't liking about cold either, but if it freezes your beauty, i'm in. >> reporter: here cathy moore is in for a facial freeze. >> i wanted to be able to look and feel better than if i could do it myself.
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cryo facial. at temperatures ranging to 180 degrees celsius. zero. >> they see immediate results, skin becomes more even. it reduces pore size. >> reporter: a session lasts 10 bearable. >> not unpleasant. >> reporter: added her skin felt softer and smoother. >> we know it's an excellent choice for swelling, and swelling is one of the things that makes people look tired. makes their face and skin look more old and aged. >> reporter: as a quick fix, an icy application done carefully has long been known as an effective refresher. >> then you combine that with a lot of moisturizer.
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>> reporter: cold can also help shed unwanted weight. >> mild, intermittent cold exposure for a few hours a day can burn hundreds of calories. >> reporter: this vest was created by nasa astrophysicist wayne hays. it makes the body work harder to stay warm. >> we're aiming to burn about one extra pound of fat per week by wearing the vest. >> reporter: you can see where the vest was in contact, worn twice a day, dr. haze says you can lose about 50 pounds a year. >> you will lose weight. >> reporter: the vest should be worn for an hour twice a day, while you're traveling to work or at your computer, a passive activity. it costs between 150, and $200. hazel sanchez, cbs 2 news. >> more options for you. lonnie quinn standing by with our forecast. >> the vest didn't look too bad. i remember you doing a story one time.
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just the facial. >> your head was sticking out. >> reporter: if you're looking for the cold to do some beauty treatments, you didn't get it outside today. a lot of folks dropping below the freezing mark as of right now. but look at what your high temperatures were around the area, 44. monroe township was 44. 45 blooming dale. a 49 for patchog. there you see lady liberty. a high temp in the city was 47 degrees. your low was 40. so you know, throughout the entire day, you continued to melt snow. before we get to midnight tonight, we're going to re- write this. officially on the almanac, the low will be 35, 34 degrees. all i'm showing you, during the bulk of your day, you were
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we're down to only 9 inches in the park. we're up to almost 27. headlines looking like this. much colder a.m. for everybody out there. we're dropping below 32 degrees. the month of february, looking ahead, looks to be above average, and we are likely above normal, or above normal for the entire area. there's the tri-state area. shaded in yellow, or the red. the forecast is for it to be a very el nino like february, which will be milder than we typically see. nothing taking place as of right now, so the big picture will show you the two pictures one in the great lakes and one in new mexico. if they merge in our area, it would be a big storm. right now it looks like the storm to our south goes out to sea, and we're only going to be affected by the one to the north. the models aren't picking up on too much. the european is saying a couple tenths of an inch of snow out of this system.
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number here, maybe three quarters of an inch around monticello. the last one we measured in feet. the nam is saying a couple tenths for some folks north and west of the city as well. 39 for thursday, 40 for friday, and again friday you can't rule out that snow i just showed you, it's not a big storm, but could put some slick spots out there. then you get to saturday at 40 degrees. sunday, we start warming things up. 46 sunday. 47 monday. 45 on tuesday. that little drawing on tuesday, groundhog day. >> looking a little pudgy. >> groundhogs are pudgy.
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well just call it unfinished business, that as much as anything is the reason yoenis cespedes wants to come back to the mets. cespedes officially back. looking for that ring in '16, when cespedes came down from three years to two in order to stay with the mets, they got involved. a big time player decides he
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queens. >> the fact that a player of this magnitude wanted to be a new york met, and wanted to be here, we were a destination now, where players want to be. it is the biggest testament. >> this all rests on the fact that yoenis wanted to come back to new york. for that, we were able to successfully get this contract reached. how about cam newton? trying to become the first man to win the heisman trophy, a national championship, nfl mvp and a super bowl. a local guy who knows a little about super bowls, eli manning 2 for 2 in the biggest of games. he's also witness the his brother payton reach. eli is rooting for him to go out on top if super bowl l is his swan song. >> when you deal with injuries, it would be a good way to go out. i don't know if it is, but
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hope that he can win this game, and if he decides to win this game, go out on top. >> payton hadn't even told eli his plans. when we return, local college hoops, and serena williams looking to return to the aussie open final. going up against a woman she
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welcome back everyone, one of those rare nights when none of the pro teams were in action. so let's hear it for the local boys. college hoops. seton hall finishes the 1st half on a 24-8 run against st. johns, and they start the 2nd half on a 13-3 surge. the johnnies are still looking for that first conference victory. wins have been few and far between for the rutgers scarlet knights. at michigan tonight, corey
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the second with the jam, but the wolverines were just playing cat and mouse. rutgers drops to 6-15 this year. 68-57 the time from ann arbor. this is their 23rd straight big ten loss. didn't seem like it would be much of a match up at the australian open. serena williams had steam roled maria sharapova. she was a perfect 8-0 against radwanska. a seesaw affair. serena with the big break at 4- 4. then at match point, a little serve and volley to win it. one more win, and she will equal the great steffi graf with grand slam titles. >> you fooled me during the tease. i thought maybe she lost. >> you know, we want the viewers to watch. >> i know, well you got me.
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